Projects Solutions International is a complete global project solution team.  
Resources & Services
  • Mining

Project Solutions International (“PSI”) has over 30 years worth of knowledge and experience in mining and engineering. PSI has successfully executed various projects with a successful and proud track record. We have been involved in opencast mining, surface mining as well as underground mining, and we are comfortable that with our experience and knowledge, no project is too big or too challenging for us to perfectly execute. We are able to advise and guide or clients to ensure that not only on the best commercial options, but also conscious of our client’s financial needs and market related challenges. Our experience includes mining operations (challenges, needs and solutions) for diamonds (and precious stones), gold, chrome, platinum, copper, coal, cobalt industries.

  • Minerals Processing

Project Solutions International (“PSI”) has successfully, Designed, fabricated and project managed mineral processing plants that are not only superior world class, but also over and above our clients expectations. Every process plant is designed to meet the needs of our clients as well as to the highest quality and standards. Our knowledge and experience allows us to meet any challenge and exceed client expectations. We offer skilled service in mineral recovery process process including coal and diamond dense media separation (DMS), crushing, flotation, gold recovery and gravity separation processes, 

Our Experience in processing includes but not limited to crushing, stockpiling, Dense Media Separation, reclaim systems, milling circuits, flotation plants, solids dewatering, gravity concentration, diamond concentrate handling and extraction, separation technique, and equipment and infrastructure.

  • Project Management and Services, Client Representation
Project Solutions International offers its clients turnkey project solutions ensuring successful and  project execution exceeding any expectation. PSI is able to supply its clients with complete service to suite any requirement both big and small. Our project portfolio currently has projects ranging from ZAR 1.5 million, average projects of between ZAR 250 & 450 million, and project as large as ZAR 1 billion. Our experience allows us to successfully manage projects  while monitoring resources, clients' needs and operation solutions. Our skilled services include turnkey role, Project Management and Client Representation, Contract Management & Negotiation, Procurement & Expediting Services. Our partnerships and agreement with industry leading suppliers allows as to offer our clients exceptional service, quality and cost-effective solutions

  • Consultation
We at Project Solutions International depend on our exceptional experience to provide our clients with the necessary skill and knowledge needed. We offer consultation services for both management and operational level including but not limited to studies (desk, feasibility and bankable) and reporting, to engineering and mining consultation, mineral process, recovery and treatment, client representation, contract management and negotiation, procurement services as well as process audits, Business Rescue for operational cost reduction and Care and Maintenance, and rehabilitation.

  • Engineering Design & Fabrication
Project Solutions International offers its clients exceptional technical design and drawing service, but also the fabrication of mining equipment, process equipment, spares and spare parts, equipment and plant service and maintenance, specialised vehicle, trailer and tank design and fabrication, pumps and motors, conveyor belts, scrubbers, crushers, process plant and recovery, customised equipment for specialised needs, mobile plant equipment, mobile mining solutions, and cost effective alternatives. Our partnership and agreements with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to offer our clients best quality cost and service.

  • Diamond Recovery
Project Solutions International has invested much time resources into perfecting the automated diamond recovery procedure with its industry leading and award-winning grease belt diamond recovery units. Currently we offer three hands-off secure recovery grease belt units namely the GB2.4, GB1.8 and the smaller GB 1.4. For more information please contact our offices and we will gladly provide you with the information and data you may need. 

Project Solutions international have designed grease tables for much smaller operations who may not currently have the capital to spend on automated diamond recovery or for growing operations not concerned by hands-off recovery and automation. We also offer our clients the design and fabrication of glove boxes and complete sort houses (for diamonds and precious stones). we are able to comfortable slot into current infrastructure as well as offer our clients the option to design and fabricate a grease belt to sort house option.

  • Construction
Construction services for both industrial, commercial and residential industries. We have experience in the construction of warehouses, workshops, commercial buildings as well as residential. Our services include design, construction as well as interiors and finishes. We also offer Project Management service, Client Representative services, Contract Management and Supplier Procurement services for any construction project.

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