Who are we...

Project Solutions International (Pty) Ltd, otherwise known as PSI Projects, is a South African based company establishing a global footprint.

Our team comprises of members who have over 30 years experience in the mining and construction industry. Having our primary business in Turnkey Project Management solutions, we recently established an engineering works to effectively manage all customised engineering works, as well as deliver the best cost-effective model to our clients. As a company, we have invested our heart and soul and can be seen through the determination, energy, enthusiasm and success we as a company bring to the table.

At PSI Projects, each team member gives their best and always has our client's best interest at heart. Our well proven track record assures future clients that we are committed to ensuring the success of each project and exceed expectations.

Our portfolio includes projects completed in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Australia, Canada, D.R Congo, and we aim to establish ourselves as a global industry leaders and become the preferred partner in projects. 


At PSI Projects, each team member has dedicated and direct access to a mentor for on job training as well as guidance and encouragement to achieve career goals as well as grow and develop in their personal lives. we are not just team member, we are all family. We believe that growing our members means growing our company. At PSI Projects we care about people. 

People, Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability at PSI Projects is two-fold. Sustainability in company growth and continuation (alongside each team member), and the preservation of the environment. We believe in equal employment opportunity for all as Constitutionally provided, but agree in correcting injustices of the past and growing as a country and community together. Our care and love of the environment ensures that as we, as a company grow, and the environment is preserved  minimal impact.

Working with us

Working with PSI Projects you can be assured of a cost effective model and solution, complete and dedicated attention from leaders and team members, exceptional skill, experience and knowledge, turnkey solutions, as well as an enthusiastic and excited team ready to tackle any project, solve any challenge, and achieve goals and objectives. We truly are the preferred project partner. 

Our Future...Growth

PSI Projects is determined to become global industry leaders.

PSI Projects, to continue to put clients and their interests/needs first, even as we grow.

Place people first, care for our staff and remain a preferred employer.

Grow as a team.

Uplift communities, and offer growth and employment to those who never had the opportunity before. To uplift and to care. 

At PSI Projects, we believe our competitive advantage is:

  • Absolute integrity
  • Ability to rapidly adapt to meet changing requirements
  • A cost conscious model
  • Continuous top-level involvement
  • Focused, experienced and dedicated team

Our Vision

To be the global project partner of choice. Offer client  service excellence and specialised attention.

Our Mission

To provide value added engineering and management services to the project industries whilst maintaining our integrity and ethics.

Philosophy and Values

  • To conduct business in an honest and transparent manner at all times.
  • To conduct business with integrity by delivering what is promised.
  • To actively establish and maintain clear and effective communication channels with clients.
  • To employ competent people that will support and reflect the above image.
  • To encourage ingenuity, versatility and resourcefulness.
  • To encourage and demand excellence and superior performance.
  • To act fairly always, treat people equally and with care and understanding. 
  • To understand and act in accordence with employemnt equity and repair social injustices.
  • To act in accordence with our core principles and values.